A Corda, a Norwegian duo (Birgitte Staernes – violin, and Martin Haug – guitar), introduced itself to the Prague audiences at The Suk Hall, The Rudolphinum, on November 19. and 20. Staernes and Haug  prepared a repertoire from Vivaldi to Piazzolla with pieces originally written for violin and guitar, as well as pieces of their own instrumental adaptations. They played with a great energy even before relatively small audiences. The violinist had all pieces memorized, except Grand duo concertante by Giuliani, focused on phrase shaping and interaction with her partner. Martin Haug supported her with faithful and refined accompaniment.The duo’s splendid interplay, teamwork, musicality and the joy of musical experience are their greatest assets. Their expression was very lyrical which with Piazzolla, for example, felt unusual, nevertheless interesting. The second half of the concert was dedicated to Spanish and Latin-American music. Temperament was definitely not missing and here, again, soul triumphed over cheap effects.