Terje Rypdal was born in Oslo in 1947 and has made a considerable name for himself as one of Europe’s leading jazz guitarists. In recent decades he has taken to composing serious concert works and these two large-scale Sonata structures, lasting 29 and 24 minutes in duration respectively, were both written for the violinist Birgitte Staernes, an outstanding artist who specialises in modern music.   There is much to fascinate the listener in these scores, not least in their coloration and texture; where they tend to part company with established points of reference is in their melodic and structural characteristics, not that these are necessarily bad things in themselves, providing that the composer is sufficiently inventive to hold our interest. I have to say that he certainly held mine.   Of the two works, the Sonata, which falls into several distinct but conjoined sections, seems to be the stronger. It is full of the most unusual yet suitable timbres for the Violin which, I am happy to report, Rypdal treats as a melodic instrument, rather than taking the modern, fashionable route of turning it into a member of the percussion family. Whilst the melodic characteristics are certainly in evidence here, notably in the opening part and in the long central slow section with slow moving Organ chords providing the accompaniment to the Violin’s recitative-arioso, the actual quality of the invention itself does not impinge upon the memory: what remains is the extraordinary sense of atmosphere, which is quite compelling.       Nimbus, for obvious reasons, I expected to be more colouristic, and the composer says he would prefer an amplified Violin in this piece, certainly in concert performance, which might tend to frustrate matters somewhat.  On the other hand, despite my fears that he tends to overwork his material slightly, I have been taken with this composer’s work: he is a thoughtful and genuine creative artist and I should much like to hear other works of his. The recordings are excellent but I would have preferred more informative Booklet Notes.